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Nashville Neos is a premier family kennel based in Nashville, Tennessee. Featuring AKC Champion Bloodlines, Hungarian Imported Bloodlines, Embark DNA testing, OFA Elbow, Hip, Eye, and Heart health testing, family environment and socialization from day one, you can be sure your neo puppy will start his or her new life with the best possible foot forward.

My name is Jimi Jones, and I am so excited you're visiting us today! I grew up in Central Florida on a family farm where we raised White Leghorn Chickens and Treeing Walker Coonhounds. Growing up and into adulthood, I worked with all sorts of animals, including meat cattle, Cleveland Bay Eastern and Western Quarter Horses  chickens, several dog breeds, and even emus! 

My love for the Neapolitan Mastiff breed started my freshman year of my undergraduate career at Florida Southern College. While walking to class one day, I saw a woman walking this historic gargoyle looking animal along the sidewalk. Because of the size and general demeanor of the animal, I was afraid to approach and ask about the animal. After a couple weeks of crossing paths, I garnered the courage to ask the woman about her dog; she was very nice and explained the basics of the breed to me. With that information and the power of the internet, I started learning everything I could about neos. This love, or obsession as it has become, went on for ten years while I finished my undergraduate and graduate education (Go Big U!), moved to Nashville, and established my music career.


Once I felt prepared to take on this stoic breed, I researched breeders and litters for another three years before deciding on Steff's Majestic Neapolitan Mastiff Family Farm in West Point, Iowa. Kyle Steffensmeier has been a wonderful mentor in continuing to learn the breed and growing my love for the breed into becoming a breeder. While I had bred and raised many types of animals, anyone in the neo world will tell you, this breed is different from any other. I am grateful to have a continuing mentorship from someone with such experience. 


Please check out the photos on this page and follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter! Feel free to contact us by emailing or call/text (615) 779-9059 

Thanks for reaching out!

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